15 Reasons Why God Made Moms and Dads

  1. Because kids need instruction
  2. Because kids need love
  3. Because someone needs to give kids an idea about us how to handle difficult times in a positive way
  4. Because family is important
  5. Because kids to be encouraged on a daily basis
  6. To hug and be hugged in the morning, afternoon and night
  7. So they could illustrate to their kids how to have faith and trust God through the good and bad times
  8. To teach their kids how to be calm during the storm of trouble and chaos
  9. To provide discipline and to say “NO” when necessary in order to make the right choices
  10. To help kids to dream and think big
  11. To help their kids to learn how to smile
  12. To accomplish life goals
  13. To teach their kids to be kindhearted
  14. To help their kids to learn how to triumph over defeat
  15. To help their kids to learn about sports
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